Our Policy

Kwawaku Day Care center staff schedule and responsibilities and policy. The day care staff is responsible for the following:
    • Provide a warm, safe, caring environment that is kept orderly, clean and appealing and allows a child to explore and grow.
    • Maintain a constant state of comfort and cleanliness.
    • Make sure all the cabinets, tables are clean and in order with proper names.
    • Greet each child in a friendly manner (do not yell at them); interact with each child and encourage involvement in activities.
    • Remain familiar with each child’s medical and developmental history.
    • Plan, prepare and implement daily activities (indoor/outdoor) that relate to the curriculum.
    • Ensure that each child leaving the daycare is clean.
    • Provide primary learning activities such as songs, numbers, manners and letters to toddlers.
    • Make sure children get time to sleep, play and learn.
    • Make sure children are divided accordingly to the daily activity curriculum.
    • Provide overall supervision of time to use the bathroom.
    • Maintain a clean and fresh bathroom at all time.
    • Assist staff to prepare meals and snacks.
    • Maintain daily attendance record and medical log book.
    • Maintain good communication with parents on a daily basis through the use of the sign-in book, notes and verbal communication.
    • Keep a “portfolio” of each child’s progress which includes photographs, samples of artwork, writing etc.
    • Do not show anger and/or bad attitude to parents for any reason.
    • Work with the licensee and parents to form a positive, supportive atmosphere.
    • Ensure confidentiality of privileged information.
    • Adhere to center policies and procedures and to licensing rules.
    • Work all days and hours assigned; perform all assigned tasks and responsibilities; be punctual.
    • Perform any additional program duties as assigned by the licensee according to center needs.
    • Attend all scheduled staff meetings.
    • Do not talk on the phone or text during work hours. Provide the day care numbers to your family and friends, in case of emergency.
    • Do not touch (hit) a child for any reason.
    • Make sure nothing happen without your knowledge. Your eyes have to see the children under your care all the times.
    • Do not spend any time to speak with co-worker except things concerning job.
    • Do not tell the parents “I don’t know”, when they ask about their children. If you do not sure, simply say, “let me find out please”.
    • Whenever you take over, make sure you know all necessary things about the children.
    • When you can’t work any longer, please give at least two weeks notice, in order to cover your space. Thank you.
    • When you are hired, you are allowed to call out only once a month. If you call out more than that, you will be suspended for two weeks. If you call not more that three times a month you will be terminated. Only emergencies are allowed.
    • There will be a three month probation period, after you are hired.
    • When you are hired, and children do not listen to you for three months, then you will be terminated.
    • If you come to work late three days in a row, or three days in a month, you will receive a one week suspension. If you are late more than three days in a month, you will be terminated. No exceptions.
    • If there is no order in your work area, or if there is dirt or children are running around without order you will receive a verbal warning. If the problem continues, you will then receive a written warning and then termination if the problem persists.
    • Everyone is supposed to wear proper day care uniform. Failure to do so will result in a suspension.
    • All drivers have to follow the same rules and procedures for driving children. Failure to do so and you get into any problems with the police or state, you will be responsible.
    • During inspection time, if anyone is responsible for any mistakes, they have to resign.

Our philosophy is to love, teach and nurture a child to grow well physically, spiritually, academically, psychologically, socially and emotionally.

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