Our Programs

We nature them (our infants) to make sure they grow well in health, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and become smart and strong.

  • Toddlers

    We emphasize age appropriate activities. Such as beginning to learn the ABCs, rudimentary mathmatics such a 1+1, introducing various colors and shapes with their names to begin cultivating the ability to memorize. Most importantly, we teach them how to interect with others around their age, and nuture and encourage their creativity.

  • Preschoolers

    We prepare them to be ready to go into the world and explore. We provide activities that help them to become a problem solver, develop love of learning and become useful to their communities.

    1. Cognitive Development
    2. Creative Expression
    3. Executive Function
    4. Language and Literacy Development
    5. Physical development and wellness
    6. Social and Emotional Development

  • School Age

    1. Regular home work support.
    2. Daily activities that keep them healthy and strong.
    3. A comfortable environment to boost their confidence, self esteem, character and social skills.

  • Night Shift

    We also have a night shift program with affordable prices. We make sure that they eat a delicious and nutricious dinner. They brush their teeth and sleep on time. School children wake up on time, brush their teeth, take shower, dress up, and then are provided with a healthy breakfast, and whatever else is required in order to be ready  for school.

  • Transport

    We also provide transportation for the children, from home to school, to the Day Care, and from school to the Day Care and sometimes from the Day Care to school or home. 

Our philosophy is to love, teach and nurture a child to grow well physically, spiritually, academically, psychologically, socially and emotionally.

Upendo Inc.
Kwawaku Day Care Center

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Ph: 484.461.8393 & 267.290.9840, Fax: 610.352.1533, Email: violetkisamo@gmail.com