The Origins of “Kwawaku”

Mr. Elia Kisamo, my dad, was a lovely father. Earlier in his life, he did not believe in Jesus, whereas my younger sister and I were born again. He discouraged us by saying that we couldn’t be saved while we were living in this world.

He drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. He loves his family - my mom and siblings, and took very good care of us. We told him about gospel of Jesus Christ but still he would not listen. Later my husband and myself came to United States. Several years later, he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. His granddaughter led him to a sinner’s prayer. From that time on, he only wanted to hear the word of God and sing hymns, espically hymn no. 237 from Great Hymns of the Faith. This hymn says ‘Why do you wait?’ Jesus is calling you. He sang this song in Swahili ’Kwa nini wataka kunjgoja?’. The short version is Kwawaku. That is where the name came from. My father sang this song hymn utill he passed away in June 2004.

I asked the Lord why my father died without seeing him and bid me farewell? The Lord told me that my father died in peace and was with him. He told me that dad had accepted HIM and had preached the gospel to his children and grandchildren by singing the hymn. God laid it in my heart through a dream to start a daycare center under that name. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified. Amen.

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